I have a theory about sequels, like I have a theory about watching movies made from books you’ve read. Music, however, does not submit itself to this rule. Every now and again you hear a cover, and you think…wow…this is even better than the original, or perhaps it’s just translated into a harmony that strikes a chord with you (pun totally intended). Or you hear a song and you think…wow… this may keep me awake tonight like those night-long lingering conversations that happen before a departure. It’s those songs you play on repeat as you fall asleep.

I’m caught in between two rooms of my heart. One is my friends and my church family, the other is my old lover, Korea. Sometimes I feel like I’ve known it longer than any place else. My first venture away from home on my own. It’s that place that calls me. A debtor to an old promise. My heart writhes when I hear it’s music, it’s language and it’s people. I long for walks in your alleys, my dear. Your odd smells, your quaint invitations in and your commitment to humanness.

Jeong Sung-Ha’s cover song of Big Bang’s melodic song, Blue accompanies me into dreamland tonight. I leave in a week, and no matter which way I go I feel melancholy…and this break-up song falls in harmony. It’s that odd loneliness that accompanies the going of away. Such a fragile, yet gentle yet unnerving state. Like gliding over deep waters in a ferry, dodging whales.