1. An image not relating to the post at all
    An image not relating to the post at all

    The lingering feeling that you finished a bottle of Gin on your own.

  2. Realising after 5 minutes that the reason the humidifier won’t fill up is because it’s upside down.
  3. Realising that the humidifier being upside down is your fault.
  4. Figuring out how to turn the humidifier the right side up takes another 5 minutes and everyone can hear you thinking.
  5. Staring at inanimate objects as if you’re recalculating  phi.
  6. Staring at the humidifier steam, and it’s beautiful, but you can’t remember why.
  7. Frequently asking your computer, “Why won’t you let me?” …out loud.
  8. The feeling that your eyeballs feel just like hardboiled eggs…especially when you poke them…with your finger.
  9. An inability to remember which icon on your desktop opens the internet.
  10. Finding yourself doing spell checks on Google.