Edward Hopper’s Night Hawks

Counting Crows’ Round Here plays over the lonely late night speakers at McDonalds where I come for free unemployed Internet and cheap coffee. I was just about to contemplatively relive my teens in a bleeding youth type post when an annoyed lady asks me to leave the premises and I skulk out like a repeat offender without closing my laptop with the malfunctioning windows office and sit in the cold communal mall area with another late night diner JUST within reach of free wifi. Who gets thrown out at McDonalds?) I have no internet at my house with a dumb commitment to write something in my blog every day (to keep my friend procrastination on a tight noose) you are now subjected to my late night ramblings sitting in a mall, somewhat unwanted.

The quest for an acceptable position is on my to-do list daily while I search for ideas in countless cups of instant coffee and then chase myself listlessly from house to house of friend and family trying to burn off my caffeine rush in a mutual attempt to greet loved-ones after a two month stint in Korea. My busyness and productivity form a ratio that is disproportional. Luckily the heat provides an excuse to spend languid hours in the pool “exercising”. ARGH! I cannot survive with so many unused hours in the day, even if I am probably still burnt-out from the contract I finished just over a week ago.

Late night diner has left and my only companion remaining is a rather loud rugby voice over blasting over a black screen. It’s time to call it a day.