I LOVE a good Youvetsi. The beautiful aroma of slow roasted lamb entwined with Mediterranean rosemary and then biting into the soft Greek pasta, hot and becoming… pardon my poor grammar…but I can never resist a bowl.

Alexia’s Mediteranean Restaurant in Aurora shopping centre, Durbanville has so won the hearts of the locals that compelling e-mails and Facebook posts have been doing several rounds on my radar in the past two days when supporters got word of the owner’s struggling finances. Youvetsi craving and google map in mind, a dear friend and fellow foodie took the short drive to Durbanville with me to support this cause. We got there fairly early, but the neat little restaurant was abustle with happy diners. So much so that we were apologetically shown away.

Sadly, I didn’t get to eat my favourite Greek dish, but I happily traded it for a Greek Pizza instead, knowing that when a community comes together, we can honourably support a family in need and make a change. It’s the stuff of movies, and I love it! My only hopes are that the support will continue, and that one day I will get to try the lamb.

Alexias Menu

For Reservations call  +27 21 976 1040

Alexia’s Mediterranean Restaurant is situated on the corner of Burton and Aurora Street in Durbanville.