P1050091 (800x605)I’m hanging out at the 2013 Design Indaba with The Design Tabloid’s Marica! It sucks mildly that there are so many audaciously beautiful things in one such ugly interior. None-the-less, I’m loving this year’s gorgeous lighting designs, promising Emerging Creatives, and of course, Mark Hilltout’s beautiful architectural drawings of Woodstock, Obs and Salt River.

Come on over and get lost in the ABSA Gallery’s suitcase exhibit. Beware to dodge the swarm of High School students entering these here halls today, by grabbing a delicious meal in the Food Van food court. Be neighbourly and squeeze you kaboose inbetween some other guests while licking spoons-ful of delicious peanutbutter ice cream from The Creamery. You’re more than likely to hear a group of scruffy over-it hipsters talking about how much they hate other scruffy over-it hipsters. Sigh. The only thing missing, is the sky.

Don’t forget to get the full monty at The Design Tabloid. They’ll show you how.