I’m sharing a beautiful set of portraits with you today. They are so cute and so touching, and I’m sure you’ve seen them all over FB in tags and shares, none-the-less, here it is… Gabriele Galimberti travelled the world to meet up with these gorgeous little subjects, and asked them to introduce him to their most prized possessions. The collection is hence, called Toy Stories. It depicts little children from different cultures and different economic conditions, and speaks volumes. Please clickety click the links.

Not only a keen traveller, but a foodie, one of his similar projects includes a stint where he met up with grannies all over the world who shared their best recipes with him. Each of his pictures tells the story that goes with it. A static reminder that the best and most extraordinary stories come from ordinary people. You just need to walk a little and be willing to talk to people. The project is called Delicatessen with Love.

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copyright: Gabriele Galimberti