So… I already posted today, but then I came across a little gem shared by a friend on Facebook. I looked, scrolled down and back up again and thought, “*shrug*  why the heck not?” The blog is hosted on Tumblr and the caption author does not divulge much of himself other than a love and fascination for what he calls, “Zefkinners“.

Zefkinners roughly translates as common /tasteless/low class children and refers to low income white Afrikaans speaking South Africans. The blog is made up of “100% real, unedited” photographs of Zekinners with 100%  fake-  names and captions beneath. I presume that groups such as Die Antwoord have fired-up an interest in what has been a growing class of people after the fall of Apartheid in 1994 when many state subsidised companies, who favoured white candidates for employment, either closed down or started implementing affirmative action.

I’m torn on my stance with regard to this. I have always felt that groups like Die Antwoord abuse a low-income struggling people as a marketing gimmick. Likened to the circus freaks of the mad science Victorian era. Is it exploitation, awareness or appreciation? None-the-less, an interesting anthropological study.  To meet the Zefkinners, click on the link here.

Last night, we scoured this blog from top to bottom, but it’s hard to keep up, as pictures are posted at lightning speed. At just two weeks old, Zefkinners is already standing over 16 pages tall. After a quick mail to Michael, the founder, I was encouraged to use a few of the images from the blog, and it was tough to choose from one of the stars. So now…as a special treat, here is our darling, Hetta, to which my housemate and I owe many tears and …err…joy. The caption reads, ” Hetta Achieving Miracles. Just for the record, Bertie, King of the Coast, came in as a very close second. Make sure to check out the rest of Hetta’s pics on page 14. Just a quick warning, the language, though innocent for the most part, is not always very clean, so tread with caution.

For more info on the 23 year old founder of Zefkinners, click here. To see what The Whitman Independent has to say, click here.

Image used with the permission of 2013 Zeffkinners.

*** Zefkinners has closed down and has been revived under the title “The Gazebo of Zef”. Click here for the new link: HERE