The Zef namesake
The Zef namesake

…and so, the culture shock post on Micheal aka Mike Butler has awarded my blog the most traffic in all of it’s humble history and an appearance on the first page of google. Yay! An unearned merit, I think. However, I’ve wanted to do a little update.

Ever since the appearance of Zefkinners three weeks ago I have started following on-line rave/rage pages on it and it’s anthropologist. It’s amazing how the facts only match up on tiny spots of the map. Jacaranda FM sports a picture of Mike with a short blib on how he is a student at Vega Advertising school and how Zefkinners was started up as a school project. In the  interview sent to me by Jozi Underground, which was created by school chums of Mike, he states that the blog was started as an in-joke amongst friends.

Zefkinners was shut down quickly after one of the stars of the show found her own pictures on the blog. Lawyers were called, big words thrown about and Butler moved his business to a new location, continuing his work under the Gazebo of Zef, still hosted on tumblr. He insists that his intentions were never to harm anyone. That it was an expression of his fascination with real Zef (as opposed to glossy Die Atwoord/Jack Parow zef). Several anarchic comments  point to his rogue vigilance to continue his project under the Gazebo until he ends up in court.

This little media stint has definitely sparked off much dialogue. We all loved to guiltily laugh at the stars of the Zefkinners roadshow, but I often wondered how hard I would have laughed if my dress-up party pictures from 2005 appeared with a smirky quib posted beneath it somewhere between pages 12 and 14. What would my stage name have been? How authentic could these pictures really have been had they not been taken from the unsuspecting? I would love for Mike to continue his project legally, but how authentic will it remain when some infamy-hungered would -be stars send in posed pictures to claim their Warholian 15 minutes?  I ponder these things as I sneakily up my Facebook security settings.

Read what Why Ed had to say. Oddly Yolisa Mkele from Times Live and Leané Meiring from Volksblad disappointingly have scarily similar stories to tell on the topic. Visit The Gazebo of Zef by clicking here, if you want to see a zef picture of a snowy white kitten surrounded by some chicks.