One of the special gifts that come with age is the gift of frankness. That unadulterated ability to shoot from the mouth via the newly enforced hip.” Hurrah!” says I as another less sure-footed youth skulks away after having received a double shot of truth from my lips as they (my lips) perch over a full cream frothy latte. My favourite newly aquired abilities include,


pulling up my hipster jeans in public.

openly agreeing with people when they tell me my hair looks great.

not answering my phone if I don’t feel like it, even if I’m busy doing nothing, and actually a bit bored at the time, and not feeling guilty about it afterwards.

telling off marauding youths in shopping centres, and feeling like a cool girl slomo walking away from an explosion afterwards, never looking back. Not even once.

establishing boundaries with my over-achieving strategist Afrikaans student.

having mutual respecting between the creative attempts of my boundary challenging student’s strategies to ruin my social Sunday afternoons and mine to undermine them.

easily telling guys that I’m not interested in, that I’m not interested in them. Openly.

being friends with everyone.

not being friends with some people.

openly admitting that some movies suck.

openly adoring awesome movies even when no one else likes them.

laughing loudly in public.

telling people how beautiful they look without flirting.

deciding that Bill Murray is the fundamental  epitome of cool and that he looks like your dad.

sharing that movie your dad co-starred with Robert Pattinson in with your friends while announcing that your dad is way cooler than him.

you deciding how cool you are without taking any votes.



Happy weekend awesome peoples. Enjoy the awesomeness and play unhip music loudly in your car with the windows rolled down. Go out without make-up and wear shorts to the beach without shaving your legs. Embrace your inner Nan Frankie!

My song for today, which doesn’t relate to anything… but who cares?