Here are ten reasons why I think zombies that work for NBC follow and study my life, read my mind and then add a few dirty jokes and then tell Liz Lemon how to be like me. I base my study and suspicions on watching the show, 30 Rock, and by studying GIF’s on-line. I’ve known this for years, but I am finally about to speak out!

1. We both celebrate Anna Howard Shaw Day on the 14th of February annually.

2.  I have a friend, like Jack Donaghy, who analyses me, and every year I take up knitting for a week!

3. I have a friend that I have food conversations with.

4. I think my own ideas rock!

5. I have an angry badger face too!

6. I probably play too much Sims…

7. I often feel like what I say gets quoted out of context in the media and by my friends to make me look mean.

8. I don’t have my wedding all planned out 20 years in advance.

9. I say really cool things.

10. I ruin things with my THINKING.

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