OBVIOUSLY I am not quite done. Here are a few tracks from the Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack for your listening pleasure, dear ones. For my subjective 411 on Yoko Kanno, click here.


Oh… I cannot agree more with the following description written by Aftershok on Anime Instrumentality. It describes exactly how I feel every time I listen to it.

When the thumping (and now iconic) acoustic bass line comes in after the screaming opening, your face will explode. Hopefully, you have several extra faces handy, because when the main theme comes in after the recitative, your face will explode. Again. Your face will explode when the band drops out for the sax break, again after the sax solo is over, again in the screamer section when the lead trumpet hits a stratospheric G#, and again after the second sax break, during the final chord.

Bad Dog No Biscuits (live)

Too Good Too Bad

Car 24

Remember how I said that Yoko Kanno prefers French to English? Well here is Wo Qui Non Coin, which is a kind of gibberish French mixed with Japanese. In parts it sounds like both.  I am borrowing the translation of the Japanese from Sooki Nouta, who also gives a romanisation of the song. Please visit her blog as a thanks. The song is Ed’s theme, and performed by the same voice artist, Aoi Tada.

My puppy
isn’t here
he has white feet and a white tail
we were together all the time

my puppy
isn’t here
he has white ears and a white back
even though we were always together

My tears have dried up
everyday I hope
come back

rainy days and windy days
but everyday I know
I want you

so hurry, come back

I may be back later with more… but for now…

See you later, Space Cowboy

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