P1050778 (800x800)P1050774 (800x800)P1050796 (800x800)Every year, just before my dad’s birthday, we have our hands in our hair trying to figure out what to get him for his birthday. Though he has always been appreciative of  gifts received, we could not help but notice that each gift is met by a somewhat forced enthusiasm and a smidgen of underlying indifference, so this year we decided to treat him to a day filled with out-of-the-ordinary events instead of gifts. Here’s what we did:

We started the morning with a delicious take-out cappuccino from Truth in Bree Street, Cape Town, complete with Happy Bday greeting painted in froth. We waited in line while my dad took congratulatory phone calls. Followed by a real old school cut-throat shave at Barnet Fair complete with hot towel and pin-up girl painted on the ceiling. A bit of a waste on my dad who had to remove his spectacles for the affair. He seemed nervous about his manly beauty routine for fear of razor rash, but he walked out smooth as a nectarine while all of us giggled and felt his face.

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Now, anyone who has even just spotted me from behind will be able to tell you that I don’t have the figure of a girl who forgets to eat. However,  in between baking my dad’s cherry and chocolate birthday cupcakes the sparkles were not the only things I forgot to arrange. We were off to Van Ryn’s for a very posh chocolate and brandy tasting on three very empty bellies. My dad suggested Spur (we all rolled our eyes). I suggested Beefcakes (Dad rolled his eyes teehee), and finally we all agreed to stop somewhere on the way and grab a quick stomach liner. Due to my snooty-ness, I refuse to divulge the details of our lunch or it’s venue.

P1050919 (800x800)Moving along! I can say with perfect candour that the Brandy tasting was probably Dad’s highlight of the day. We arrived to a welcoming drink, picked our tasting option and got whisked off on a tour of the whole brandy process which included watching a cooper make barrels. This was followed by the chocolate, coffee and brandy tasting, a giddy delicious end to a day with dad. All I can say is that I am SO glad I never got him that tie! As an added bonus, Dad and I will be watching a boxing match at The Armoury in August. Stay tuned.

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