116b6956ed9abe6182fc32fdc8c3fcbcOne of my friends has a secret wish-dream. It is to be the title and secret recipient of a song. At some stage it was a punk number. She imagined herself to be in the crowd at a concert amongst sets of screaming girls, silently knowing that the it-girl in the song was no one other than herself. This happened briefly when she sang back-up for a local band when the lead-vocalist announced that the girl with the sunbathed hair in the new song was her. It lasted briefly, both admiration and song after a slow-cooked refusal and being the recipient of a few disconcerting, ill-mannered, stalkerish phone-calls with lots of creative adjectives. Saddened, she gave up on the dream until one happy Sunday when a friend posted the following song on her FB Wall. Imagine her surprise when playing the song and hearing, ” Laurita, I have a secret for you…”

So, dear little Laura, enjoy it. This one is dedicated most Spanishly and most vainly to you. The cat is out of the bag!

Here are the lyrics from Bombadil

Laurita, yo tengo un secreto para ti
si lo supieras no le querias tu
me esperarias catacumbas serias tu

la verdad yo tengo en mis labios cuando hablo contigo
el ya tiene otra flaquita
lie lie lie lie lie lie lies

un lugar que siempre es sagrada para mi
cuerpo y mis huesos a donde van
despues de todos dias capitana sin charlatan

My beautiful and very clever niece translated the lyrics for me. Thank you Naomi!

Laurita, I have a secret for you
If you knew it you wouldn‘t love him
you would wait for me and a tomb you would be

the truth I have on my lips
when I speak to you
he already has another flaquita ( skinny girl )
lie lie lie lie lies

a place that is always sacred to my
body and bones and to where they go after all my days, a  “captainess” without  charlatan

Spanish Lyrics sourced from: http://bombadil.squarespace.com/lyrics/

English translation by Naomi Escabias Potgieter