I’m busy doing research for a play I’m busy writing. The perks of this job is that I get to go make myself comfy in the children’s section of my local library. I grabbed a few appropriate books and made a neat stack next to myself in the circular quiet reading nook. Little readers trickled into my world, shamelessly flipped through my selection and helped themselves to my stack of research. Nothing weird at all about a 30 year old woman reading kids books. One blue-eyed blonde little princess politely greeted me in Afrikaans before asking if the books were all mine or if she could read them too. I nodded and sat back, only half concentrating on The Velveteen Rabbit. Soon my stack of books dispersed more or less evenly in the not-so-quiet reading nook. Some were completely immersed in their stories while other scrambled and climbed, book in hand, over furniture and features. There was even a little French family with mommy teaching English in her beautiful accent between mouth-fulls of scolding in French whenever the tots got to be too excited and rowdy. Somewhere behind me a little brother got a thrashing with a strong hard-cover before mom came to his rescue from the adults section. I’m so pleased I went to read with the little ones, my future audience instead of grabbing a few books and critically reading them at home.

I can’t wait to stock my unborn children’s rooms with tons of beautiful tactile stories on pretty little wooden shelves.