82ac3e172912170c6fb0a14bc14b10afIn celebration and search of beautiful things, am I

if I said I didn’t love it, I’d be telling a lie

watching out for watercolour bears who would have tea

reading rhyming stories with little people who remind me to be free

Bombadil is blaring in my earphones, my elbow and my  fingers start to itch

I long to draw pretty pictures of rockets and boxcars of  fox’s ears that twitch.

My mind walks through forests over grass that is damp with dew

all the while my floral gumboots walk me over hills and back to you.

Here and there, listfully- blisslessly, I go over my day to day tasks

The teaching of teenagers, the cleaning of clothes and various other masks.

I wish I could sit and write for a while…

the very thought makes me smile

about the tale of the bunny, who loves to eat honey.

whose friends never thought that his jokes were at all funny

My mind walks through this landscape where I can hear a cuckoo

all the while my practical sandals walk me past the river and back to you.

Meanwhile people get groggy, the road damp and the traffic heavy

I remember, in the rain, that we need to pay the grown-up levy

Wouldn’t it be better, would it not be grand

if we lived in a pinterest house, on a mountain or somewhere in a cave

instead of being a boring job’s lazy, depressed and slightly crazy slave

My mind jogs me through this wasteland of money and plastic and people who sue

all the while I wish I could cross bridges

run through valleys (run myself hoarse)

Running pridelessly, as long as my little bare feet ran away from you.

Image sourced from: Etsy and does not belong to me. Prints can be purchased from Majali Design & Illustration