Girls going wild in red light district-801222Have you been following me for a while? You must be thinking, “Here we go again!”…. Thinking that yet? You should have… I warned you! Alright, *clicking knuckles* I am SO very pleased…. right down into my barely-had-coffee belly when I get up in the morning, turn on my social app of choice and see that someone has posted something useful. MOSTLY about someone in the arts having done something useful by USING his or her art. So, this morning I can pause my yawn and stretch for a big loud old cheer and a healthy spike in heart rate!

These girls have taken to a window in Amsterdam to reach an audience of somewhat unique consumers in aid of stopping human trafficking. I got goosebumps when I saw the audience’s reaction at the end. Isn’t that why we do what we do? The campaign was created for  Stop The Traffik  by Duval Guillaume Modem, a communications agency in Antwerp.

There are some (many) narcissistic creatives  out there, and then there are those who realise the potential of changing communities and the world for the better. Not to mention, THEIR performance was far better executed than the one I featured in my reblog of The Matt Walsh Blog yesterday. (Sorry, Miley, if you’re so charged up to rebel, at least do it well…or preferably not at all).

Here it is… You can watch it on UPWORTHY, or read more about the campaign by clicking here to read Natalie Evans’ report on Mirror News.

What does it teach me? Don’t live for yourself. It almost always comes to a cost that someone else has to pay. Use what you have to create opportunities to positively affect the lives of those around you, even if it’s just the friends who read your blog.

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