Bujengwe1My ideas about aid and mission work have changed somewhat in the last 5 years. The damage we do to economies, those of the countries we are trying to help and those to our own pockets or to bright-eyed donors and wasted energy (also on all three fronts). That help is needed is evident to us all. It’s ingrained in every child who won’t eat their veggies to be grateful, because somewhere in Africa… and when we grow up we are flooded with all the help we are needed to give, because somewhere in Africa… And so, we belligerently …*cough cough* I mean aggressively, sorry, benevolently seek out the first obvious patronising solutions, like taking away the economy building empowering business from a local shoe-maker and supplying shoes to a whole village of African children… because SOMEwhere in Africa… Well, here is a music video from SOMEwhere in Africa…. Somewhere in Uganda, actually… and I think it’s beautiful. Microbanker has produced this lip dub video on Jesse J.’s Pricetag, and the stars are actual business women. The vid is directed by Ivan Mikulic.

We seem to love imposing what WE want on those around us… Impose the sollutions we think are elegant to their problems. The thing that will make us feel better so thesefeelingsofguiltcangoaway… and in the process we ignore people’s dreams. The thing they will do that will make them successful and will drive them to empower others. It’s like seeing a man sitting next to the road because he tripped over a stone, and buying him a house anonymously, when all he needed was someone to help him up, and maybe a ride home. I tend to agree that AID is killing Africa. Our idea of it, at least. This TEDtalk by Ernesto Sirolli shows, without any frills of fuss, from a man, who knows his business, just why we are helping people fail, rather than helping them succeed. So shut up, for once…and listen.

Image sourced from: http://educatingafricaschildren.org