P1070532 (640x360)I had such an inspiring, hopeful session with my therapist today, that I had to write something about it. Without having read my blog or heard all about my plans of conquest, he essentially stumbled on all that was on my mind and in my heart. I’m sure he isn’t as surprised as I am. We stood side by side in front of his window admiring the beautiful trees and musing about what lovely weather we were having. This doesn’t seem important, I guess, but beauty is kind of a theme today, so grin and bear my digressions, please.

He said something today that stirred me. He said that the best creators of beauty are those that have known want of it. That those who have known pain, know best how to stop others from experiencing that same pain. What a beautiful stirring of hope? I think I have always believed that hurt people hurt other people… which lead to my consequential fear that I will become the darkness behind me. How beautiful to think that I could become one that holds the light in that darkness for someone else… That I could “get things right”. What seemed to be my fate, will not become my destiny.

To lather up that sense of hope, here’s Prince of Spain with “Away We Go”, for the wonderer/wanderer in me and in you.