rugby1The word, “perfect” or “perfectionist” has gotten a bad rap. I have been rebuked for it many times. My ex even accused me of having OCD, but who cares? He’s gone now anyway and I can continue on matching and colour coordinating everything from clothes-pegs to dishes in the dishwasher. Seriously, though, who ever wanted to go off on a quest to find, “The worst of…”? OK, I’m sure someone has….but I’d much rather write on and acknowledge people’s triumphs than harp on and criticize people’s failures. I hereby introduce a chapter of what I consider to be bests in a series of blog posts, I cliche-ed-ly and imperfectly call, “The Perfect…”.

The First Basting…

Being unemployed and hanging at my dad’s house crocheting organic cotton blankets for my friends gives me just enough time to watch way too much food channel. Therefore, out of hankering alone, I’ve asked my beef loving dad to collaborate with me on finding the perfect steak in Cape Town. This is not a mean feat, dear non-South African reader. Being raised on red meat and mayonnaise, you are hard pressed to find a coffee shop in some suburbs of Cape Town, but you will rarely be more than a stone’s throw away from a butchery/ meat merchant. Especially in the un-snooty Northern Suburbs which are lovingly referred to as the “Boerewors” Curtain. I’ll be spending the rest of my week, reading up on cuts, hipster meat merchants, ways of picking a good slab of meat and comparing between grain and grass-fed… and finally cooking and testing. See you on Monday morning, all…after a long run and a shower.

For now, a little Bio…

…on my collaborator. My dad is so well known for his tremendous love of meat, that he starred in my first comic strip as a steak munching cowboy called Big Ben. He rode a “horse”, called steak  (in most frames he was seen straddling a giant T-bone steak complete with bridle).  Now, I’d like to clarify that the reason he was called BIG Ben…was because I was a petite five year old at the time. If given a choice, my dad would braai on every sunshine day while watching the Stormers annihilate and wipe the rugby field (and a few public toilet stalls) with the faces of the Bulls. Though he loves a good juicy steak, we share a cozy love of tender lamb and red wine.

A Vocab Guide for the International Reader:



Boerewors Curtain