April Fools is by far one of my favourite days of the year. Not only is it a dear friend’s birthday, but it’s a fun way to spark creative ideas and to show the besties in your life how you celebrate them and make them laugh in  your own quirky, freakish unique way. I draw my inspiration heavily from Amelie, for multiple reasons.

I’m kind of like her. I experience an inability to change the things I don’t like about my life. I love secretly and avoid aggressively. I’m awesomely hot, but am perpetually experiencing the spite of jealous cameras worldwide. I dream in vivid colour, and I over-analyse and am a terribly private fatalist. I want the people around me to experience abstract nouns like, amusement, joy, love, fascination, surprise, curiosity, excitement and ultimately to laugh. Uncontrollably. I want my closenessess to wake up in the morning excited, and to arrive welcome and celebrated. For this reason, I follow the rules, first do no harm and only prank those I love and to love to prank.

A few years ago I booby trapped my dad’s house using lots of superglue, glitter and clear nail varnish. I mixed an exceptionally successful life-like bottle of non-alcoholic whiskey and blinged up my dad’s favourite shampoo with copious amounts of glitter. This year, alas, I was only able to complete one of my planned projects. The abduction of Vincent St Cloud, who can be seen sitting on the Vespa above. Vincent, formerly known as Kakkie the Cactus, was living a rather stressful life as the office plant of a dear friend. He had been moved around somewhat adventurelessly and then left behind as his owner (and the subject of this prank) traveled Europe for two weeks.

Naturally I seized this opportunity in Amelie Poulin style to send Vincent on the trip of a lifetime. He was loaded in my car as I went off to pick up an old friend from the bus station and a new one from the airport. Vincent went wine-tasting, cloud watching, burger munching, and he even made a few alleged international trips to “Mexico”, “Spain”, “UAE” , “Korea” and “India”, posting pictures to his facebook page and sending packages to his owner containing letters and chocolates.  He even met his soulmate, Maggie who got picked up along the way. The two succulents now live together happily.

After a few days, poor Vince looked worse for wear, and had to be spruced up (and supported by one of my paintbrushes) and the travels were continued couch side watching Korean game shows on my laptop. Finally the first of April arrived and Vincent was returned to his heartbroken owner, who by now had begun sharing his page. In a fit of coffee induced insomnia, match-box luggage was made, complete with photo album and spare coins (from my own travels) and the couple arrived home by lunch time. A little greener and a little taller than before.

I hope the recipient of the 2014 prank will feel inspired to live his own dreams, to live like Vincent, one place at a time, and to remember to laugh copiously, to be amused, to feel wonder and to be curiously fascinated by life. May you have many more travels, my friend, but may they always lead you home. Wherever that may be.

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Nominations for next year’s prank candidate taken telephonically 🙂