copyright Laurita Small
copyright Laurita Small

I’m sure the author whom I’m reblogging here may not appreciate the sentimental tone in which I am about to introduce his piece…but here goes:

I have been fiercely in love with Korea since our first introduction. Since many tears, many struggles, much growing up and much community and so, I have developed a weird little portion in my heart that is foreign to my own culture but somehow utterly connected to my other home, and inexplicably I posses a strange outsider’s share of Han and Jeong. An understanding what togetherness means in heartache and joy. Having walked the streets of Busan myself, many times… I feel like we could have met each other and never have known that your dong-seng is on the other side of the world and you could never take care of him. Ahn Jung Hee, please find your brother even before he finds you and then share the joy of never being given away and never being apart. At least not in this same longing way.

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I have tried before to locate my sister. I have failed. Part of me wants to never try again. A lot of me hates that part of me. I will try again because there is always a chance she might see this. One can hope.

Source: Asking for Help – Please Share and Help Me Find My Sister