My Saturday night angst and insomnia is a well-discussed topic by now. This week I decided to work until my eyes and my body asked for sleep and to then share with me a gifted relaxing cup of tea before pouring myself into bed. That way I can minimize stress by getting things done when I would have been staring at the ceiling wasting time. I end up working my weekly 17hour day on 4hours or less anyway. The one thing I am learning I have no idea how to do is to enter in God’s rest. Being calm and at ease even in the storm. I actually prefer just having rest the way I think of it. By doing whatever I want without any external pressure, but truthfully, I realize that life doesn’t even have that option. Being a stay at home mom is stressful, tiring and sacrificial. Rewarding and absolutely awe inspiringly worthwhile but also possible much harder than where I am now. So better for me to learn now how to climb the mountain I’m on now, even if it means searching out the quiet peace not just in the valleys but on the slippery slopes as well.