I found a new home! I’m still super bummed about giving up my loft with the city scape, but I’ve been adapting to the idea of the move and caught myself in moments while chewing on lunch where I plot out my new living space. I know I probably allow these ordinary life spaces to rule my expectations way too much, but in a way I find that one’s home is the thread that holds the chapter together around the back of the spine. You don’t notice it until one thread snaps loose and then all the pages fall apart and things run amuck, and the only way to keep it all completely together is to have a home unshared.

Alas, God has picked a date to end my comfort zone, and He is moving me in with a rowdy group of youngsters. All five of us will be sharing a rustic house on the edge of town with a herb garden and a tremendous lotus pond. The fellow dwellers comprise of a horticulturist, and engineer, a psychologist, a community developer/ would-be politician…and me. We hold house-meetings where food distribution, technology, agricultural uses for the garden, appropriate toiletpaper ply numbers and pet-choices are discussed and argued while I slap eager hands out of my plate of lunch, mock vigilant of my boundaries. Trying hard to appear cynical.

In preparation for the move, I have been timing my drive between work and the new house and looking for alternate routes in case of traffic. In the process I found a place so beautiful that I can only imagine it must, at some stage, have been the home of an entire colony of unicorns. Right at the top of the road that runs along the vineyards that separate us from the last neighbourhood is this huge piece of land covered in a plantation of pine trees that run up along the mountain. As if the setting sun dusting the tree trunks in red isn’t intoxicating enough, the walk in amongst the cool shelter of the trees is filled with the sweeping sounds of the breeze between the pine needles and that fresh forest smell… I’ve been there twice now and struggle to tear myself away when the last cyclists and joggers head home as the sun sets and the comfort gives way to an eerie unsafe feeling.

Perhaps I can move my head and my heart here when it’s weary and let them lose to hang or play among the trees.

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Oh! Here’s the song I woke up with this morning. Totally unrelated.