Continuing on my theme of vulnerability vs violence this week, I found something which caught my eye. I am, of course tempted to rant on how a depiction of forced vulnerability is temptation to be described as beautiful and instead force myself to focus on the fact that these images have moved me into thought and more importantly action. Therefore, allow me to share it with you.

I can only imagine that Hamlet’s catch 22 speech must have an unkind familiar resonance to the too-young muses of photographer Magnus Wennman’s portrait study called, “Where the children sleep”. This collection of portraits deals with the subject of mostly Syrian refugee children and the paradox of sleep they face. The full collection is available on his instagram account or can be viewed at Afdonbladet . One of the most haunting of these is of 5 year old Tamam.


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Tamam, 5 years old

AZRAQ. Five-year-old Tamam is scared of her pillow. She cries every night at bedtime. The air raids on her hometown of Homs usually took place at night, and although she has been sleeping away from home for nearly two years now, she still doesn’t realize that her pillow is not the source of danger.