Dodong is the main port of Ulleungdo and also houses the Ferry Terminal. If you come to Ulleungdo, this is the place you will arrive at. It is the administrative and tourist heartbeat of the island. The hospital, gymnasium,  office of education and Dokdo museum are all located in this tiny little villiage.

Things to do:

Party at Khan Night Club

Party at one of the outdoor restaurants along se ocean walk

Visit Dokdo Museum

Go up the cable car

Picnic at Bongnae Waterfall

Visit Yaksu Park (but don’t drink the water)

Try out your skills at the Archery centre

Hike to Haengnam Lighthouse

Experience the natural air conditioner

Go Fishing

Buy fresh seafood and have a skilled ajuma prepare it for you in one of the harbour restaurants

Try Honghapbab (Mussel Rice)

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