Tonggumi is the tiniest little villiage around [거북] Turtle Rock. You won’t find it on the bus schedule, but it is nestled inbetween Sadong and Namyang. You can take the big blue bus here. It takes about 20 minutes from Dodong. Even though its dodgy to rely on taxis around this area, it is possible to take one from Dodong and they occasionally come by here so you may be able to hail one if you are lucky. The fare is just under 10,000won to Dodong, but probably a little more if you want to go to Jeodong. Tiny  Tonggumi hugs a green mountainside lush with myeongi (mountain garlic) in summer. The water is blue and inviting underneath the village’s most famous landmark, Turtle Rock. It is said that if you study the rock carefully, you can find nine stone turtles living on it. Directly opposite and beside the bus stops are two motels. You can read my review of Bada Geobuk here. Just a few paces away you can find the Ulleung Diving Resort where you can hire equipment and go scuba diving.


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