I am sitting barefoot on the balcony of my motel room, staring out at the sea which seems just ten meters away. Below me a merry party are braaing ‘n vleisie (BBQ) and laughing happily while the breeze cools the sweat on our faces. The squid boats wake up slowly and appear from their multiple miniature harbours, twinkling up the horizon. For once a part of me wishes I had a cozy party of my own. There are two small boats that seem tied to the motel, resting on the beach below. As it gets darker a faraway lighthouse winks at me from the other side of the harbour while the mountains and sky become one. This is the prefect place for late night conversations.

Bada Geobuk rents out this scene for a slightly pricy 50,000won a night.

Amenities include:

mini towels

a fridge with cold water

plenty of clean Korean style bedding with comfy pillows

A private bathroom with toilet paper, soap, toothpaste and shampoo.

In the cupboard you’ll find combs and a hairdryer.

TV which you won’t need because of the dazzling view.

Air Conditioner (I couldn’t find my remote) and a fan.

There is also a small restaurant and vending machine coffee in the lobby. It is a humble but clean and comfortable motel. The service is very friendly. The owner let me see the room before letting me pay, making sure I was happy. Then even got one of their friends to drop me off in Dodong the next morning after making sure I didn’t want to stay for some breakfast, saving me the 1,500 won bus fee home.

There isn’t that much to do here and the last bus passes here around 8pm. The diving club is just across the road, though so I recommend you come out here, scuba with a bunch of your friends, maybe catch some fish and then chill out on the beach while you watch the squid boats go by. Then tuck yourself in early so you won’t miss the sunrise.

Bada Geobuk Motel: (054) 791 0303

Ulleung Diving Resort: (054) 791 2768

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