Ulleungdo, like all parts of Korea, has a fairly good transportation system going, so you should be able to get around to most places fairly easily. Be cautious over rainy days, though as rocks frequently fall into the road, especially in the Sadong area (between Dodong and Namyang), as well as along the beautiful seaside walks. A caution well worth taken, given the rock that destroyed a bridge last year summer. Transportation is also slightly more expensive in Ulleungdo due to the ferry and high oil prices on the island.




If you are planning a trip to Ulleungdo, brush up on your hangeul, because you and that bus schedule will have to become best buddies. I am (still) working on a bus schedule in English…oy, how we put things off. Bus fees range from between 1,500won (which will take you almost anywhere) and 1000 won between Dodong and Jeodong, Ulleungdo’s main ports. There are a few formal bus stops, but in Ulleungdo, most of the time the bus driver will drop you off almost anywhere you want to be, within reason.

There are four kinds of busses.

Tour Busses

No to be mistaken for normal busses. You can only take these if you are part of a tour.

The Big Blue Bus

It has the route stickered on the top of the windshield. This one goes all over the island (1500 won). There are no bus numbers, because there is just one route. Make sure to check the direction of the bus on the yellow card in the front of the bus.

Jeodong – Dodong – Namyang – Taeha – Cheonbu

The little Yellow 우산 Bus

Dodong – Jeodong – Naesujeon

Small White Bus

This one only takes you to Nari Bungee (Nari Basin). I’ve never taken it before, but I would guess it is probably also 1000won.

Cheonbu – Nari Bungee

Be aware that the busses stop running around 7pm depending on the route, but start fairly early in the morning.


If you want to take a taxi, you have to catch it either in Dodong or Jeodong near the harbour. They  are these 4×4 road eaters but you’ll spot them by the light on the top. Taxi fare starts at 3000won. A taxi from the main stop in Dodong to Jeodong will cost you roughly 3,500won.

You can take the taxi to other parts of the island from these ports, but it will cost you.  A ride from Dodong to Namyang will set you back around 15,000won. Don’t try to catch a taxi in the other villages, though, they don’t linger.


I’m not ultra familiar with the boats that operate around the island, but there is the famous ferry taking you to Dokdo, and then you can also take a boat to Jukdo. I’ve heard there are boats that take you around the island as well. Most of these operate from the ferry terminal in Dodong Harbour.

Car Rental

Car Rentals are available from the indoor parking garage just opposite the bus station in Dodong. Basically you get off the boat and walk up in the main road past the taxi stop and you will see Suhyup Bank and the bus station on your left and the parking garage on your right. It’s about a 3-5 minute walk from the Ferry Terminal.